Latest peanut forecast South Africa 2023; good yields but short crop, bullishBREAKING NEWS 

Latest peanut planted area and peanut production forecast published by the department of agriculture (SAGIS) area planted 2023, 31’300 Hectares (last year 2022, 43’400 hectares) and production forecast 2023, 49’080 tons peanut kernels basis (last year 2022 was 48’500 tons)

Despite the excellent weather conditions boosting peanut yield for 2023, total crop outcome is far to be enough to satisfy the growing demand of peanuts in South Africa, specially for peanut butter.
Domestic peanut market will need substantial imports for the peanut season 2023-2024

Argentina being out of the picture due to the unofficial import ban, we expect in this conjecture that Zambia and Malawi will play key factor in South African imports.