Our Services

In addition to supplying directly from origin in bulk shipments, Bohemia Nut Company also delivers from the spot market. Our stocks are stored in the Rotterdam area, making it possible to deliver bulk or mixed orders within 24 hours upon order confirmation. (Subject issuing of certain certificates / doc's)

Bohemia Nut Company seeks the most efficient and economical modes of transport to move bulk commodities from point of origin to point of consumption. To manage transport logistics, Bohemia relies on extensive logistical experience enabling us to take care of any transport requirements, from ocean going routes to the more complex system of rail and road systems.

It is evident that present market conditions require that cargos be accompanied by extensive documentation and certification to ensure timely delivery and safeguard quality. From origin we are able to provide quality specification certificates, always issued by competent superintendents in full accordance to the contracted specs. In the event that origin testing is not accepted, goods can be tested upon arrival by any well-recognized third party laboratory.

Company Profile

Bohemia Belgium BVBA is a medium sized company operating under Belgium Law. Bohemia is engaged in the production, trade, import and distribution of groundnuts and dried fruits.

Bohemia Belgium is situated near Antwerp and between Rotterdam and Bruxelles, conveniently putting us in the world centre of the international groundnut and pistachio trade.

Merchandising our products begins with the purchase of harvested material directly in origin from farmers and shellers. This material is processed to requested specifications and shipped in bulk to points of demand around the world, either when marketing opportunities emerge or according to contracted and pre-scheduled shipping periods.

In our pursuit to create an added value through-out the business chain, Bohemia constantly invests in various strategic industrial assets, ranging from production and processing facilities in points of origin, to the financing of farmers to develop a crop. It is our vision that only an optimum control of the business chain will result in a long term commitment with both our suppliers and clients.

About Bohemia Nut

Bohemia deals in groundnuts from all over the world, but is specialized in the South African & Argentine groundnut kernels. In these countries we have invested constantly down the traditional value chain. Through our partnerships we are in the position to control the complete business chain. Our goal is to create long term commitment, by recognising, understanding and meeting the requirements of all our partners throughout the business chain (suppliers, financial partners and customers).